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At King of the Ring '98, Mankind and the Undertaker put on a great show. Mankind took some amazing bumps. Some of the best spots in the match was when Undertaker threw Mankind OVER the top of the cage and through the Spanish Commentator's table. Mankind was also choke slammed THROUGH the cage and landed in the middle of the ring. The end came, when Undertaker choke slammed Mankind on some thumbtacks and then Tombstoned him for the victory. After the match Foley got a standing ovation for his performance. Foley lost three teeth during the match.

At Raw is War, July 6, Mankind was thanked on TV by Vince McMahon on his efforts at King of the Ring. Kane and Mankind would battle the New Age Outlaws on the July 13 episode of Raw. Mankind and Kane defeated the NAO and won the WWF Tag Team Title with a little help from the Nation's D-Lo Brown. Later that night they had a rematch due to the controversy, but it ended in a draw. Mankind and Kane also had a little confrontration when Kane stopped Mankind from hitting the Undertaker with a chair. Then problems started in the ranks of the tag team champions, during a handicap match against Austin, Kane hit Mankind with an elbow drop.

Mankind and Kane weren't able to hold on to the WWF Tag Team Title for long. They lost the title to Steve Austin and the Undertaker at Fully Loaded, July 26. The problems between Mankind and Kane continued. During a run-in on Austin and the Undertaker, Kane hit Mankind with a chair instead of the Undertaker.

At Sunday Night Heat, August 9, Mankind trashed the fans for their failure to show him due respect after his performance at King of the Ring. Mankind also stated that he will not ever wrestle again for the acceptance of the fans. Later that night he was tombstoned on the concrete floor by the Undertaker, who was disguised as Kane.

The next day at Raw, Mankind wanted an explanation and wanted help from Vince McMahon. Mankind was told that he was a weakling. McMahon again said that Undertaker and Kane were working together. He even stated that they were the same person. When it was time for the Four Corners Tag Team Match, it was clear that Mankind didn't trust Kane. In the end Mankind and Kane won the match and became WWF Tag Team Champions for a second time.

Kane then aligned himself with the Undertaker which spelled trouble for Mankind, who tried to rescue Paul Bearer from a beating from the two brothers, but ended up the receiving end of a spiked Tombstone. Mankind then challenged Kane to a match in the Hell in the Cell. Mankind promised he would provide the thumb tacks. During the match, Mankind was clearly on the receiving end and got Tombstoned on a chair.Mankind and Kane then went up against the New Age Outlaws at Summer Slam for the Tag Team Titles.

At Summer Slam, Mankind couldn't find Kane, McMahon suggested that Mankind faced the New Age Outlaws by himself. This, McMahon claimed, would give Mankind a spot in the Hall of Fame. The match was a No Holds Barred/Pinfalls count anywhere Match. Mankind, again, was on the receiving end of a spiked piledriver. This time, on top of the Tag Team belts, and was then dumped in a dumpster. Kane suddenly appeared from the dumpster and bashed Mankind with the sledge hammer.

Mankind got his first taste of revenge against Kane. He hit Kane with a sledge hammer during a match between The Rock and Kane, on RAW a few weeks later. This got the Undertaker to challenge Mankind to a match. The match with Undertaker took place later that night. It was a brutal encounter where the sledge hammer was used together with chairs and tables, Kane also got involved in the match. When the Undertaker was going to use the sledge hammer on Mankind, The Rock emerged from the dumpster (which Mankind brought to the ring), and saved Mankind from further damage.

A Triple Threat match between Shamrock, Maivia and Mankind was announced for In Your House:Breakdown. The match would be a steel cage match. During the match Mankind again, emulating his hero Jimmy Snuka, attempted to do an elbow drop off the top of the cage on the Rock but saw nothing but canvas. The match ended when Mankind strucked Shamrock with a chair. Mankind then started to climb out of the cage, but Maivia went for the easy win and pinned Shamrock.

The three teamed up at Raw is War the next day to take on the Undertaker and Kane in a handicap match. Mankind's team started fighting among themselves. Mankind and Ken Shamrock teamed up to take on the DOA at Oct. 4's, edition of Sunday Night Heat. During the match, Shamrock turned on Mankind and waffled him with a chair.

At Raw on October 5, Mankind visited Vince McMahon at the hospital (McMahon was sent to hospital due to an attack of the Undertaker and Kane). Mankind brought a clown and a sock puppet (Mr. Socko). McMahon then told him to leave.

On Raw the week later, we witnessed the return of Mr. Socko, who helped Mankind defeat Mark Henry in the 1st round of a tournament for vacant Intercontinental Title. The 2nd round was the end station for Mankind as he was attacked by Ken Shamrock, who used a chair on Mankind's ankle.

Mankind wrestled Ken Shamrock at In Your House: Judgement Day and came away empty handed. The match was declared over when Mankind passed out due to giving himself the Mandible Claw when Shamrock put the ankle-lock submission on him.

On RAW 11/2/98, Mankind and Al Snow lost their match against the Oddities whan Mankind deserted Snow when he couldn't find Socko. Later in the show, Vince McMahon asked Mankind not to interfere in the match between Shamrock and the Rock. In return, McMahon gave Mankind a beat up looking belt, and declared him the Hardcore Champion. The belt had duct tape across it and had "Hardcore Champion" written on it. The belt was the same one Mr. Perfect destroyed a few years back.

This is the first singles belt that Mick Foley has gotten from the top three feds. A time to celebrate, indeed.

Mankind got a make-over courtesy of Vince McMahon on 11/9/98's edition of RAW. Mankind also sucessfully defended his belt against Ken Shamrock when The Big Bossman nailed Shamrock with his nightstick.

At Survivor Series, Mankind andvanced to the finals in the tournament by beating Duane Gill, Al Snow, and Steve Austin. In the finals, Mankind wrestled The Rock.

Before the match, they cut to the back where Vince and Shane are telling Bossman to watch for Austin. They said that they wanted to "take care of this one themselves". Four minutes in, the McMahons came out to ringside. The first six minutes were slow before they went out and brawled in the crowd. Mankind took a nasty backdrop over the barrier back into the ring area. 11 minutes in, he went through the announcer's area as Mankind legdropped Rock on the table, but this time it was Ross' table! Psycho Mick bump came when Mick went for the big elbow off of the second rope and (finally) went through the Spanish announcers' table when Rock moved. Rock took him back in and set up for the People's Elbow. Only got a two. Mankind got a double arm DDT. He slapped on Socko and got the claw. Crowd got behind the Rock. The Rock hung in there and came back with the Rock Bottom. When he finally made the cover, he only got two. The Rock gave Vince the People's Eyebrow and slapped on the Sharpshooter. Vince called for the bell right away, in 18 minutes, and Rock won the belt. Vince presented the belt to Rock. Mankind was then beat some more by The Rock. Austin cleared house, then stunned Mankind.

During the weeks that followed, Mankind joined the JOB SQUAD (A group of "jobbers" led by Al Snow) and began feuding with Shamrock and Big Bossman.

Mankind defended his Hardcore Belt against the Big Bossman in a ladder match on RAW 11/30. The match went back and forth. During the match, Mankind fell from the ladder to the ring, back first. At one point, both Mankind and the Bossman were exchanging blows at the top of the ladder. Mankind then pulled out Socko, and gave Bossman the mandible claw. Mankind had the match won, but the Rock came and pushed Mankind off the ladder, landing on the ropes. The Rock then gave Mankind the Rock Bottom. Bossman climbed the ropes, and won the Hardcore Belt from Mankind. The Rock, Bossman, and Shawn Michaels (who was the WWF commissioner) then attacked Mankind, until the JOB SQUAD came to his aid.

Mick wrestled the Rock at In Your House:Rock Bottom. During Sunday Night Heat, Mankind attacked the Rock injuring his ribs. Before the match started, Mankind offered to remove the injury clause from the match contract if McMahon would admit that he screwed Mankind at Survivor Series. McMahon wouldn't, so the match went on as scheduled, with the Rock having to fight with injured ribs. Mankind defeated the Rock with the Mandible Claw, but Vince McMahon ruled that the WWF Championship could not change hands because Mankind's victory did not count as an actual submission. Mankind then gave the Mandible Claw to Vince McMahon. Shane came from behind and hit Mankind with the chair twice. Mankind then gave him the Mandible Claw too. Out came Patterson and Brisco, but Mankind was able to hold them down. Out came Shamrock and the Big Boss Man and proceeded beat up on Mankind.

On RAW the next day, Vince McMahon ordered Mankind to wrestle Kane in a "No Holds Barred" match. Mankind then challenged Vince to a fight. Mankind and Kane only wrestled a few minutes before Vince came out, and accepted Mankind's challenge. Vince said that the match will be under his rules. He told Mankind to meet him in the parking lot for a good ol' fashion "Street Match". Mankind then proceeded to assault Vince McMahon in the parking lot. Patterson and Brisco came out and tried to save Vince, but failed. Mankind then put the Mandible Claw on Vince, and proceeded to stuff Vince into the trunk of a car. The Rock then came and started brawling with Mankind. The Rock then threw Mankind on top of the hood of the car, and gave Mankind the Rock Bottom there. The Rock continued to beat up on Mankind.

The next week on RAW, Shane McMahon challenged Mankind to a match as revenge for attacking Vince. The match started when Shane threw a few jabs at Mankind. But Mankind quickly took control of the match. He clothelined him and gave him a Doublearm DDT. He then got a chair and dared Shane to hit him with it. Shane did, but paid the price by getting the Mandible Claw put on him.

On Dec 28th edition of RAW, Vince McMahon ordered Roaddog to defend his Hardcore Title against Mankind. Their match went through the arena floor. The bump of the night occurred when Mankind set up Roaddog on a table. Mankind then climbed up to the first bleachers, and gave an elbow-drop which sent Roaddog through the table. The Rock (who was doing commentary) then came, and gave the Rock Bottom to Mankind on the concrete floor. Roaddog then went for the pin, and won.

On RAW from Jan 4th, Mankind asked McMahon for a title match against the Rock at the Royal Rumble. Vince told him that he's given him enough opportunities and failed each time. Vince told him that because of that, he might not qualify for the Royal Rumble, unless he defeats HHH later in the show (with Shane McMahon as the special ref). HHH won the match with a little help from Shane who helped get Mankind in a pinning position and made a fast three count. After the match, HHH said he'll take the win. He then kicked Shane, gave him the "Pedigree", and told Mankind, "Happy New Year". Mankind put Shane in a submission ho=ld. Vince McMahon then came out and pleaded with Mankind to let Shane go. Mankind told Vince that he'll let go of Shane if he gives him a title match against the Rock later in the evening (No DQ). Vince agreed and Mankind let go of Shane. During the match, the Rock came out with the rest of Team Corporate, while Mankind came out with DX. The match went back and forth. The biggest bump of the match happened when the Rock put the Rock Bottom on Mankind through the announcer's table. The match continued even when Shamrock nailed Mankind with a chair. Soon, both DX and Team Corporate started brawling by the announcer's table. Steve Austin then came out and nailed the Rock with the chair and put Mankind on top of him. 1 2 3!! MANKIND IS THE WWF CHAMP!!

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