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The next week on RAW, THe Rock challenged Mankind to a match at the Royal Rumble. After negotiating for a bit, they both agreed on a match with a few stipulations. Them being no dq, falls count anywhere, no Team Corporate at ringside, and the only way to win is when the loser says, "I quit!". Once the match was set, Vince McMahon then ordered Mankind to wrestle Kane later that night. Kane defeated Mankind via disqualification when the Rock ran in to prevent the Big Red Machine from taking the title. The Rock laid out everyone with chairshots, until out came Steve Austin. He was held at bay by Rocky's chair, though, until Mankind got to his feet and sort of evened the odds. Rocky ended up taking off, while Mankind & Austin looked on from the ring. Foley then handed Stone Cold the chair, and in return, received a Stunner.

The next week on RAW, Mankind wrestled the Big Bossman in a no dq match. Once again Mick took some hideous bumps. The first was when the Bossman back dropped Mankind making him hit the back of his head on a chair. Bossman then slammed the back of Mankind's head against the ring steps. The end came when the Rock came and whalloped Mankind with a chair. He then gave Mankind a Rock Bottom on a steel chair. Mankind wins by dq (even though it was a no dq match). The stage is now set for the Royal Rumble.

On Sunday Night Heat before the Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon said that Mankind will have to face a mystery opponent. That opponent being Mable. The end of the match occurred when Mankind had the mandible claw on Mabel, but he Rock interfered by hitting Mankind with a chair.

Mankind got early control of the match with a running knee to the head. Mankind had the mic in his hand and said the Rock had something to say to these people. Rock said they could all kiss his ass. The match ended up outside the ring. The Rock sent Mankind into the steel steps. Rock walked over to the announcer's table and said a few things, but was blindsided by Mankind. Mankind continued beating on Rock with the microphone. Both men went back in ring. The Rock received a ddt. Mankind then locked the mandible claw on the Rock. Mankind beat on the Rock some more and took the match into the crowd. Both men made it back to ringside and Rock grabbed the time keepers bell and little hammer and placed the bell on Mankind's head and hit the bell with the hammer. Mankind clotheslined Rock in the entrance way as they fought their way over to the technical area. THe Rock planted Mankind on the concrete with a ddt. The Rock walked to the back quickly and got a ladder. Mankind shoved the ladder back to the Rock. Mankind missed an elbow on the Rock and hit the ladder instead. The Rock set up the ladder by the stage and began to climb the ladder onto the upper deck. Mankind followed him up 12 feet off the floor. The Rock climbed over into the guard rail into the stands, turned around and clocked mankind. Mankind fell 12 feet from the stands and landed on an eletrical circuit board. The lights in the arena went out. The Rock went back down and attacked Mankind who was wrapped up in electrical wires. Shane came out and begged the Rock to end the match, but the Rock didn't and continued to inflict punishment on Mankind. The Rock dragged Mankind back to the entrance way and eventually back in the ring. The Rock hancuffed Mankind's hands behind his back. The Rock shoved Mankind's head into the turnbuckle about 5 times and somehow Mankind countered with a low blow. Mankind was on the attack using every part of his body except his hands. Rock regained control with a clothesline and went outside the ring and got a chair and placed it on Mankind's head and then hit the corporate elbow. The Rock asked Mankind if he quits. Mankind replied, "Go to hell". The Rock hit Mankind with the chair 3 times and asked him again. Mankind said, "You will have to kill me". The Rock hit Mankind with the chair several more times. Mankind was busted open and bleeding bad and was passed out in the entrance way. The Rock asked him again. Mankind was still out, but his voice can he heard saying, "I Q-uit" 3 times in a row. Rock wins the match and the world title.

The next day on RAW, Mankind got a hold of the $100,000 dollars that McMahon was going to give the Rock. He threatened to give all the money to the crowd if the Rock didn't give him a rematch. They both agreed to an "Empty Arena" match during the halftime of the Super Bowl.

The "Empty Arena" match was very wild match. The match started in the ring, but then spilled out. They both fought up the stairs to the upper level of the arena. Both ended up in the kitchen where they both fought with anything they could get a hold of like pots, plates, popcorn bags, and cotton candy. They ended up fighting in a room where a few stage-hands were eating. They both fought with the food that were on the tables. Next stop was the offices of the arena where the Rock answered a few phone calls coming in. Which lead to the loading dock where they started fighting right below a fork lift holding a few kegs of beer. Mankind got the Rock down under the fork lift, and lowered it until the Rock's shoulders were pinned down. Mankind then got on top of the Rock. 1-2-3. MANKIND IS THE CHAMP AGAIN!!!

The next day, the Rock challenged Mankind to a "Last Man Standing" match (Where the winner is the one who is left standing after a 10 count) at the next WWF Pay-Per-View, entitled IYH: St. Valentines Day Massacre..

At St. Valentines Day Massacre, the matched started with the Rock starting the offense after Mankind purposely turned his back, and let the Rock take the first hits. They took the match outside the ring. Mankind was thrown into a barracade as well as backdropped into the concrete floor. The Rock was thrown into the ring steps. The referee began the count, but the Rock got up in time. Mankind is suplexed on the floor. Rock did some commentary while Mankind was on the floor. He also hit Mankind on the table. Mankind began to fight back. The threw the Rock into the ring steps. Mankind threw the ringsteps into the ring, and attempted to use them against the Rock, but it backfired. The Rock got his feet up just as Mankind charged at him with the ringsteps. The Rock tried to hit Mankind with a chair but hit the top rope instead, which bounced back and hit the Rock. Both went toward the announcer's table. Mankind went for a double arm DDT on the announcer's table, the Rock suplexed him off onto the floor. The Rock put Mankind inside the ring, grabbed the mic, and began singing "Smackdown Hotel." Mankind put the Mandible Claw on the Rock. Mankind stopped the hold while the Rock was laying in the ring. Mankind hit the Rock with a chair. Mankind attepted to do the Mandible Claw again, but the Rock reversed it with the Rock Bottom. Both men grabbed chairs and hit each other at the same time! Both men were out. The ref did the 10 count, but no one got up. Both men were taken out on stretchers.

The next day, as Shawn Michaels was about to set up the main event at Wrestlemania between Austin vs Mankind, Vince McMahon came out and said that there was no winner the night before. Therefore, a rematch was needed. After a few back and forth words, both sides agreed to a Mankind vs the Rock "Ladder Match" later on in the show. The matched started off by the Rock going right after Mankind's already injured left leg, slamming it repeatedly against a chair. After dropping the steel steps on The Rock, Mankind set up the challenger for a piledriver on the Spanish announce table. But The Rock countered with a low blow and then hit him with a Rock Bottom through the table. Mankind recovered and as The Rock scaled the ladder he gave the challenger a low blow of his own, and followed up with a double arm DDT. Mankind reached down and pulled out Mr. Socko, but The Rock hit a DDT. Both men were down. Slowly, both Mankind and the Rock started climbing up the ladder. Paul Wight then ran in on the match, grabbed Mankind and chokeslammed him off the ladder. Mick Foley was knocked out. The Rock grabbed the title and became the WWF Champion once again.

On 2/22/99 edition of RAW, Mankind said he was going to be out of the main event at Wrestemania. But wanted to be the second referee in the main event (Paul White will be the referee in the SCSA vs the Rock match). Mankind even started a petition in the arena for Shawn Michaels to make him the second referee. Mankind also got a beat down by Paul Wight and the Rock after he was tricked into refereeing the match between both of them. Turned out that both were pretending to be feuding in order to get to Mankind

Vince McMahon then said he'd let Mankind be the second referee if he defeated The Undertaker, which he did.

The next week, he said the same thing. Only this time if he defeated Steve Austin, which he did.

They changed the stipulations once more. This time, Mankind must face Paul Wight to decide who will be the referee in the main event between Steve Austin and the Rock.

At WrestleMania, Mankind faced Paul Wight who used his size to gain the advantage early on in the match. Eventually Mick got him out of the ring - where Foley is supreme. Mankind got the Mandible Claw on Wight, but he escaped. Wight then sensed that he had to do more extreme things to get the win and started wielding a chair, Wight then setup two chairs and chokeslammed Mankind on them, which got the referee to disqualify Wight. Mankind then won the honor of officiating the main event, but it didn't look good as he was carted away on a stretcher. But during the main event Mankind returned and counted the decisive three count to let Austin win the WWF World Title.

At Sunday Night Heat it was announced that Mankind would take on Paul Wight at the Backlash pay-per-view in a Boiler Room Brawl and followed it up by celebration Mr. Socko's birth place with the crowd.

The following day at Raw is War, Mankind immediately went for his old home - the Boiler Room. Shane McMahon sent some of his buddies to take out Foley, but they didn't succeed, as Mankind got the better off them. Later Ken Shamrock came looking for his sister in the boiler room, and Mankind helped him find her, but then they were attacked by the Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness. The Ministry hauled Shamrock away and wanted to sacrifice him, but together with the Brood, Mankind and Shamrock got the better of the Ministry.

At Raw is War, April 19, Mankind took on Triple H from Team Corporate, but Chyna's interference became to much as she low blowed Mankind as he went for Mr. Socko. Mankind was then declared the winner by disqualification. Team Corporate then ran down and started beating on him, but Paul Wight came to his rescue. Mankind then told the Big Show that he appreciated the help, but that he would beat him at Backlash. Later that night Wight was attacked by the Ministry of Darkness, and this time Mankind came to his rescue to even the score.

At Backlash, Mankind was back at home in the boiler room. Here he surprised Wight and used it to gain the advantage. During the match Mick took some good bumps, the match ended when Wight destroyed a pipe which spewed something into his face, Mankind then made it to the fire exit and was declared the winner, then he was attacked by the Big Boss Man and Test, but Mankind took care of it himself.

At WWF Smackdown, April 29, Mankind defeated the Big Boss Man, who during the contest tried to escape, but were stopped by Test and the Big Show, Paul Wight.

At Raw is War, May 3, Mankind, Test, Ken Shamrock and Paul Wight formed the Union to take on the Corporate Ministry, as they interrupted an interview with the Ministry with 2X4's. For his disturbance in the interview, Mankind had to face the Acolytes in a Hardcore Match. The Acolytes proved to be too much for Mankind in a hard fought match.

The next week on Raw is War Cactus Jack made his long awaited return and took on Mideon and Viscerea in a handicap hardcore match. Although the two members of the Corporate Ministry were dominating, Jack won the match when he performed the Hipbuster with a chair on Viscera. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Jack will become a permanent part of the WWF's roster as moments later Foley came to the ring as Mankind, who along with the rest of the Union beat up Viscera with 2X4's.

Over the Edge, May 23, the Union went up against the Corporate Ministry in a survivor series matchup. Mankind became the sole survivor when he eliminated the Big Boss Man. Later when Triple H and Chyna was attacking the Rock, Mankind came to his rescue.

The next day at Raw is War, Mick along with all the other of the wrestlers paid tribute to their friend Owen Hart, who sadly lost his life at Over the Edge. After defeating Billy Gunn, Foley that the victory was dedicated to Owen and did one of Owen's trademark "Whooo!!"s.

The next week on Raw is War, Mankind challenged Triple H to a Hardcore match, because Chyna has been checking him out, but as he stated, he is a married man and she couldn't touch his manhood (if you can tell-ll-ll.. where the sock is hiding). After his monologue the Big Boss Man attacked Mankind, but the Road Dogg, who was scheduled to take on the Boss Man, then came and started brawling with the Boss Man. Of course Triple H brought Chyna to the ring, and she proved to be the deciding factor. When Mankind had the Mandible Claw on Triple H, Chyna delivered a low blow to Mankind with a sledgehammer. Mankind then responded by putting the Claw on her. Triple H then used the hammer on Mankind's dodgy knee and took the victory. As Mankind was assisted back to the locker room Triple H and Chyna continued their assault on him, until the Rock came to the rescue. Mankind was then taken to hospital. Finally it looks like Foley will get something done to his bad knees.

The WWF have stated that Triple H smashed the kneecap of Foley. Actually it isn't true, Mick has had trouble with his knees for a long time and finally he will get the surgery that he needs, he should be out for approximately 2 months.

At Raw is War, June 14, the new CEO of the WWF, Steve Austin, awarded some Vince McMahon's zeros from his salary to Mick, so he could pay his medical bills. While Mick is out healing he is writing his autobiography.

Mick appeared on a MTV show during "WWF Week".

A few days later, Mick returned to action by nearly costing Triple H's shot against Austin for the World Title at Summerslam '99, when he slammed the metal step on Triple H's head in his match against Chyna (who was the #1 contender).

Mick then asked Chyna that since there's an attraction between them, that he should have a match against her to decide who will face Austin at Summerslam. Mankind defeated Chyna. But Shane McMahon protested, so he and Shawn Michaels then decided to have a match between Triple H and Mankind later on to decide who will be going to Summerslam. The match ended when Shane McMahon declared HHH the winner, while Shawn Michaels declared Mankind the winner when both opponents pinned each other. The match is set for Summerslam as a Triple Threat Match between HHH, Austin, and Mankind.

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