Jim Ross (commentating): Tonight we look further into the macabre musings of the deranged Mankind. Last week, we learned of Mick Foley's evolution into Mankind through a dream that wouldn't die.

Mankind: I didn't want to ride horses along a field. I didn't want to fish for trout in a stream. I wanted to be where the blood and guts were, Jimmy.

So I put out my thumb, Jimmy, and it took sixteen or seventeen hours, but I made my way to the Garden. It took just about all the money I had in the world, but I got a front row seat, and I saw the move that would change my life, when Jimmy Snuka came off the top of the cage. I saw people stand up, and I saw people cheer, and I knew that I wasn't the only person who's life was changed in that arena. I realized, Jimmy, that I wanted to do the same thing. I wanted to hear people cheer for me for some act of bravery that I commited. I wanted to hear, see people's emotions. I wanted to see children cry out of love for me at the things I could do inside of the ring.

Jim Ross (commentating): In the next hour, we'll take you through a bizzare journey through the twisted training grounds for the man known then as Cactus Jack.

Mankind: And I walked out there the first time and I saw barbed wire strung up instead of ring ropes. And I said, "I'm finally home!! Mrs. Foley's little boy, is finally home!!".

Jim Ross (commentating): Mankind. What fuels the insanity? So far, we've explored the tormented youth of Mick Foley. And we've seen his bizzare, underground home video. Tonight, we'll explore his formitive years of his wrestling career. One that began with a brief stint in the WWF as the unheralded Jack Foley in 1986. But despite performing before several organizations, sucess wasn't achieved until Mick Foley unveiled his dark alter-ego, the sadistic, Cactus Jack.

Mankind: What made Cactus Jack different......was he just wanted it, a little bit more. He was willing to go the extra length. He was willing to sleep in a filthy car in order to achieve his dream. He was willing to forgo fun and romantic relationships to be the best. He was somebody in an era of bodybuilder physiques. Who carved his own nitch. Said, "I'm going to make it on my own style" said, "No one else is going to tell me what to do. I'm not going to dye my hair. I'm going to be exactly who I am. And I'm going to do it my way".

Jim Ross (commentating): As the legend of Cactus Jack grew, so to his affinitive for pain. Concerned independent promoters soon asked him to tame his increasingly brutal behavior. But Mick Foley always did things his way. Instead of compromise, he left the United States to seek satisfaction in a bizzare, sadistic westling sub-culture in Japan.

Mankind: When I've heard rumor about these horrible matches that took place, and I didn't care. As far as I was concerned, this was my destiny. And I walked out the first time and I saw barbed wire strung up instead of ring rope. And I said, "I'm finally home!! Mrs. Foley's little boy is finally home!!". And Jimmy, I kid you not when I say it didn't matter the match. I wrestled on bed of nails. I wrestled on 10,000 thumbtacks. I wrestled on c-4 explosives. And the funny thing was, it didn't matter how mutilated I was, physically, I filled myself......spiritually. Because for the first time, I was respected. I'll go so far as say I was loved. People lined up and chanted my name, "Cactus Jack!! Cactus Jack!!". They sure as hell didn't line up, like they do here to spit on me!! To pee in paper cups and pour it on me!! I had my dignity, and I"m not sure I got it anymore. Jim Ross: Obviously, these matches in Japan were bizzare, they were dangerous, career threatning. If I'm not mistaken, I've see you've been rubbing your own arm alot since we've been talking. Very significant scars there. Those occured in one of those matches in Japan that you've talked about?

Mankind: Ye shall strip his sleeve and show his scars and say, "These wounds I had at St. Chrispin's day. And the good story shall be told from father to his son. For we shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we brothers. For he who sheds his blood with me today, shall be my brother". It's kind of touchie. Isn't it?

Jim Ross: Ooh, you know a little Shakespeare. You're very well read. Aren't you?

Mankind: You see Jimmy, it shows me that...I'm not alone. There's nothing freaky about being proud. When I look in the mirror, you know what I see?

Jim Ross: I'll be afraid to guess. I don't know.

Mankind: I see a life fulfilled. I see a road map of everywhere I've been. I just have to look and see Tokyo Japan, Munich Germany, Louisville Kentucky and everywhere in between.

Jim Ross (commentating): The nomatic reign of Cactus Jack lasted eleven years. But his fondest memory occured aboard a commercial airliner where his battle ravaged body made an indellable impression on a fellow passenger.

Mankind: I'm a coach class person. But they took one look at my wounded face, my stitched and battered arm, my stitched head, my stitched hand, my stitched ear, and they bumped me up. The woman sitting next to me didn't quite understand that. She spend double her money and ended up moving back to coach to get away from me. She felt that much of me, that she couldn't stand to be around me. And not a day goes by when I don't think of her face, drifting to the back. And I stretched out in her seat, and I had the ride of my life. I was the Deathmatch Champion, and I had the ability to make people sick!!

Jim Ross (commentating): Next week, the metamorphisis is complete as Mankind impacts the WWF.

Mankind: Everytime I put on the Mandible Claw, in my mind, that's Vince McMahon, and I'm saying, "Why didn't you take me when I was good?!! Why didn't you take me when I was young?!!"


Jim Ross (commentating): Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Mankind. Three bizzare yet distinct personalities. Each one scarred by trauma and suffering. Each one, still haunted by the pain.

Jim Ross: Why didn't Cactus Jack ever come to the WWF?

Mankind: Because he was amok. I would have set the WWF on it's ear!! So when you look at Mankind, you're saying to somebody, everytime I put on the Mandible Claw, in my mind, that's Vince McMahon, and I'm saying, "Why didn't you take me when I was good?!! Why didn't you take me when I was young?!!". That's where the Mandible Claw comes from. It's power tempered with mercy...just like me.

Jim Ross: Earlier you mentioned Shawn Michaels and how you would like to see Shawn Michaels end his career; hadn't enough change in an arcade. Why, why the venom?

Mankind: Shawn Michaels. Remember they were saying at one point, "Shawn Michaels; a boy and his dream"? I wondered Jimmy, why they'd never say, "Mick Foley; a boy and his dream"? We had the same dream. So why does he look like he does? And why do I look like this? Do you think that's unfair, to want me to wish him a lifetime of misery? I don't think that's unfair at all. I think it's a perfectly logical thing to ask. And I'm not ashamed. I wish him and alot of the WWF superstars nothing but personal trauma and tragedy, in their personal and professional lives. Does that make me a bad person? I want the suffering to be on the other side. And I'd like to cause it. Because to me, is a nice day.

Jim Ross: Have you ever been treated or have ever been diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder?

Mankind: You know, I thought we talked about this when I said I don't believe in doctors. I believe in the body's ability to heal itelf. If there's something wrong with my mind, I think I'd be the first one to know.

Jim Ross: Don't you think, that it's about time in your life, where you look squarely in the mirror, and accepted the personal responsibility for who you are? Don't you believe that you, yourself, have caused and brought on all these problems?

Mankind: I think it's time for you to maybe start doing your damn job. I think it's time for you to end this fassad of journalistic integridy. Do you know what you tell people week in and week out? You say, "Look at Mankind. I don't even know if he feels pain, or maybe he likes pain". You see, you're a powerful man Jimmy. You have got the ability to reach alot of people. To spread the truth. And you neglect to do it. Let me ask you a couple of questions; What is it about pain that I love? Well you see, I feel like (punches his own face) EVERY OTHER PERSON!! YOU SEE THAT?!! IT HURTS!! Is it when I can't get up? When my little boy says, "Daddy I want to play ball" and I can't do it?!! Is that where the fun starts?!! Is it where a doctor injects a twelve inch needle into the disks in my spine so that I can wrestle one more day?!! WHOOPEE!! Let the party begin!!... I can't believe you sit here and ask me these questions!! "Do I bring it on (punches his face) to myself"?!! I haven't done a damn thing to you!! All you done to people is mislead them!! And let them think (stands up) that I'm having the time of my God (bleep)Damn life...when I'm in pain!! Don't look at me with that smug look!! (tries to knock Jim Ross' hat off) You make me sick!! A man of integrity!! I ought to smack you!!

(Mankind puts the Mandible Claw on Jim Ross)

(Mankind let's go. Jim Ross is still gagging on the floor)

Mankind: Jimmy?...Jimmy?.....Jimmy?....Jimmy?...Jimmy?!....Jimmy?!.........Get some help.........He's going to need some help.

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