Gene: My guests at this time, as you know, just getting the duke in that tremendous tag team matchup, Maxx Payne and Cactus Jack. Gentlemen, I can call you gentlemen can I not Jack?

Cactus Jack: Sure

Gene: Can I talk about the Nasty Boys with you?

Cactus Jack: I'd like to talk about something else first. The Flintstones, Gene. I love the Flintstones. But you answer me this: How many times does Fred have to buy the ribs before he realizes the car's gonna tip over?

Gene: I know that story! Give me a break!

Cactus Jack: Well let's check back into reality. The fact is that Fred Flintstone's a cartoon character and Cactus Jack is just a mortal man. But not when it comes to the Nasty Boys! I'm not mortal anymore! I'm Cactus Jack! and this is Maxx Payne. Which means January 27, Clash of the Champions, on live national TV! We're going to take those gold belts from around your disgusting, fat, putrid waists and put 'em on our fat putrid waists! Gene, trust me, it'll be a do time, a dabba do time, we'll have a gay old time! BANG BANG!!

[Maxx Payne section deleted]

Cactus Jack: We'll have a gay old time! BANG BANG!!

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