This interview was done by Panama Jack Capri, an indy wrestler. His website can be located here. I highly recommend you visit his site. He has some wonderful stories about his life in the wrestling business.

This interview was conducted about a week before the 1999 Royal Rumble.

PJC- Damnit its about time... How's life treating you these days?

MF- Life couldn't be better... Everything is going great.

PJC-What has your title reign been like thus far??

MF- I always considered a belt to be nothing more than a prop... A prop in telling a story. I never thought that having a strap put on me would feel so good.. I do not care if it lasts another month or another day..The fact that the record books will show that I was WWF World Champion at one time is enough for me.

PJC- It's been going around the internet for quite some time that you have plans to top your bump at last years King of the Ring... Care to enlighten a little further???

MF- (chuckling)You know me... I always think of something new. The Royal Rumble is the first step. With the stips on the match it opens up a lot of possibilities. Wrestlemania of course is the biggest show of the year. Everyone gets so riled up for that one... The Cage dive last summer turned some heads.... Im gonna do my best to bug some eyes at the Royal Rumble.. But Wrestlemania  is a whole different story... You think people will be talking about the cage dive for years to come??? Wrestlemania will make people forget all about that... The Royal Rumble is first though..(chuckles) Taking a page out of Jack Nicholson's book... Wait'll they get a load of me....

PJC- Knowing you that's all the enlightening needed. I really want to get you to comment on the recent happenings of the competition and Tony Shi..(interupted)

MF- There's a foodchain in every faction of life... Be it animals, or whatever..Same goes for WCW... I found it odd that Noah would go that route... Considering the real source of the comments though it doesn't surprise me... Eric Bischoff is his own biggest mark

PJC- That brings me to my next question... Would you ever consider going back to WCW?

MF- I thought about that.... When sitting on the toilet one day... Strange what pops into a guys mind when he's engaged in toilet warfare... With the current powers that be in charge? No I would not go to WCW. I am as happy as I have ever been in New York.... Ted Turner would have to adopt me or something like that for me to go back there...

PJC- Something that is not common knowledge in wrestling is what I would call a little friction between you and Shawn Michaels.. What about it????

MF- Now come on.... There isn't heat. I have nothing but the utmost professional respect for Shawn. The things he has done in a wrestling ring have earned him the reputation of being one of if not the best wrestler pound for pound in the business. I hope he makes it back to the ring.

PJC- Lets play word association... Every interview has to have a word association part...


MF- Confused

PJC- Vince McMahon

MF- The best thing to happen to the wrestling business.


MF- Revolutionary

PJC- Barbed Wire

MF- Arousal (laughing)

PJC- Panama Jack

MF- Mark

PJC- I asked for that one...

MF- Sure did

PJC- What is your take on the Internet community?

MF- Guys sometimes will get a chuckle from time to time about some of the stuff that gets started on the internet. I do not look at the internet fan as a smart mark. I'd rather refer to the average internet fan as an INFORMED Fan. Recently I have paid more and more attention to stuff on the internet. I saw a piece that one guy wrote that I couldn't believe.

PJC- The Foley FAQ

MF- Yeah...There was stuff in there about me that I could barely remember... It was astonishing that someone would go through so much trouble to keep people informed about my career. It was truly flattering to see that someone is entertained that much at what I do.. It really makes the sacrafices I try to make well worth it. At the Pay Per Views and Raw's where they have an internet connection hooked up it is really fun to take a few minutes to read what people think about the business in general now a days...

PJC- When can we expect to see Cactus Jack return?

MF- Who? Oh you mean CACTUS Cactus Jack....You just never know...

PJC- If you were to die tomorrow how would you want to be remembered?

MF- I would want people to look at me and grin when they remember a certain match... Or a certain interview. I want people to remember that I gave them their money's worth everytime I stepped in a ring no matter what it was for.  That would make everything worthwhile.

PJC- Well Mick... I just want to say on behalf of the wrestling fan community Thank You. To hell with Larry Zbysko... You are wrestling's living legend.

MF- Thank You

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